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Conceal business of car of two handcart grave accident to be sentenced sections
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Mr Yang bought mark of acute of an abundant cropland in two handcart market, discover when conduction insurance this car has produced accident of great liaison man, for this Mr Yang in order to hide traffic accident information, tell two handcart company to forensic claim for compensation. Recently, the court after Haidian court hill maintains two handcart company to form con, times doubler compensatory poplar gentleman section of 400 thousand car.

This year in April, mr Yang is in in couplet market was bought with 200 thousand yuan price 2006 secondhand Feng Tianrui annals, the collection of company of broker of urban old motor vehicle that signs business contract with its after whole vehicle section, give the car Mr Yang is assisted dealt with change the name of owner in a register.

Later, mr Yang goes dealing with car insurance, be informed this car to ever was in conciliatory happening to cross accident of great car caustic in January this year however, generation reparations makes an appointment with 40 thousand yuan at that time.

Mr Yang thinks, selling party of the agreement in the contract should make sure the relevant document that offers to buyer is true and effective, complete to the allegation of car condition, true, nonexistent conceal or false component, and urban firm concealed car happening intentionally to cross casualty this affects him to make the major news that buys a decision, form to its con, because this appeals to to the court, the requirement sentences the business contract of your cancel both sides; Return at the same time still its buy vehicle fund and times doubler compensation.

Argue of firm of the city in cognizance says, the car that this car mentioned expressly in the contract that both sides signs advocate it is Mr Chen, ought to assume responsibility directly by Mr Chen; In the meantime, this company and Mr Chen is clientage, mr Chen did not inform company this car to ever produced an accident, accordingly they conceal this condition undesignedly. Mr Yang expressed to approbate to car condition when check car, although this car has produced an accident, also had restored original performance characteristics through repairing, because this is nonexistent con.

The court thinks, one party violates the contract that concludes below the circumstance of true meaning with making the other side is in false, damage kills Fang Youquan to request forensic cancel. Bright car condition carries to be in the contract that both sides signs general, but actual the accident that this car ever produced insurance reparations to make an appointment with 40 thousand yuan, not agree with badly with the contract; In addition, urban firm regards manager of technical old motor vehicle as the company, have car relevant and professional knowledge, sell to place the state behoove of car is known perfectly well, its say " car advocate did not inform, not know the inside story " view court does not grant to collect a letter; And Mr Yang serves as common the person that buy a car, urban firm did not inform its car existence to weigh cart caustic circumstance, belong to conceal true condition intentionally, form con, answer to provide pair of times compensation according to disappear law. Final court adjudicates the business contract of cancel both sides, sentence Mr Lingyang to return the vehicle return urban company, urban company pays Mr Yang 400 thousand yuan.
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