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Two handcart purchase after service the distinction of integrated inn and brand
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Wei Zheng replies: They use 1.6 litres of the 4G18 with Dong Ansan joint-stock water chestnut motor, from the point of feedback circumstance, the daily oil waste time that they use in the city is in 7.5 litres / 100 kilometers left and right sides. In dynamical power respect, sensory engine rotate speed arrived 3000 turn compare when the left and right sides outstanding, but noise is big also.

The face still has a recipe of transmission and engine defective, two cars space is good, my individual feels F3 is in this respect a little better. The configuration of F3 is taller, charge for the making of sth. also is shown high-grade, lucky star of this respect sea is about a few more inferior. Of course as a result of cost reason, the price of two cars is lower, so the choice of material wants for certain a few cheaper, the material whole feeling of interior trim is such, so intentional manage prepares. As the city ride instead of walk uses a car, two pretty good. Because F3 appears on the market time is early, so its retain the amount is large, product maturity is relatively a few taller. But from at present of consumer approbate degree in light of, hai Fuxing is better more accept favour, overall for lucky star of sea of my individual tendency this car.

2, netizen " 7888888 " quiz: The Kingdom of Wei asks for a teacher, want to buy a car recently, turned a lot of include integrated inn and division of inquiry of brand shop consult, discovery discharges the car price great disparity of the quantity together with class, consult price privilege is bought in integrated inn range is big, look from quality and after service, is the car bought to have in brand shop why to distinguish?

Wei Zheng replies: Integrated inn because operation cost is low, so body is met on car price now make benefit more, these storefront do not have after service function commonly, build even on the bill that buy a car on the sale of the 4S inn that manufacturer approbates is special chapter (go to 4S inn namely affix one's seal) , can enjoy the after service of 4S inn, of course, you also can search leave home close 4S inn, be done later, more convenient. Before you buy a car, the proposal can ask 4S inn does the detail that maintain in the future first, should be problem of it doesn't matter. The car of integrated inn also is made through all sorts of channel, it is new car, the car won't have what problem commonly, can be at ease at this o'clock.

3, netizen " 9 degrees " quiz: Nimble amounted to halfback 2000, block automatically, dynamoelectric window, 200 thousand kilometer, can be 35 thousand yuan bought? Now archives of just a little is not very clear, leave to nod flavour from time to tome.

Wei Zheng replies: At present such car besides, 35 thousand yuan, I look to be put first at the same time, not be the thing of on any account, however the problem of car condition. Should be to should change transmission oil to try, can solve breakdown problem, do not pass bad now judgement, must treat the condition after was being changed. It is what flavour, also need the spot to overhauled car ability to judge. If you want to buy this car,suggest, had better search repair a factory to check the car well first, differentiate breakdown reason and roughly charge, whether can proper repair is good, talk about price again next.
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