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It is good after buying two handcart to be done in time ending job eliminates hi
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Start off drives hastily after a lot of consumer buy two handcart, if do not have,do not know to do good ending job to be able to exist however a lot of hidden trouble.

Want seasonable settle above all all formalities. After buying two handcart, want to deal with formalities of car danger change the name of owner in a register in time, lest send,the manage compensate of insurance company is couldn't get when unripe accident.

If itself does not have insurance, should be in deal with car insurance according to his need for a short while.

If feel former car danger is bad OK also will original car danger is retreated, deal with danger of a new car next. To car maintain a road cost must change your under one's name in time, understand this car very hard to whether owe capture maintain a road to expend otherwise.

Want to undertake detecting necessarily to car next. The photograph is more secondhand than new car car vehicle besides very complex, before start off, had better have a knowledge to car condition, ability ensures go out do not have care all right. Wait to engine, gear-box, batholith, tire for instance undertake checking, bigger trouble won't happen in order to ensure when travel. Additional, maintain to primary vehicle in you below the situation that the circumstance does not understand, whether do the engine oil that had better check car, gear-box oil, brake oil, oil that help strength and antifreeze need to change, because early days oil is tasted,avoid to use thereby undeserved the serious breakdown after causing day.

For younger to actual strength of trick-cycling inexperience, economy person, buy a two handcart very economical of course. But must warn customer, constant when trade sharpen one's vigilance, beware the following kinds of circumstances.

The old car with not whole procedure. Like the car advocate original bill, car purchases Id, car proof of cost of card of travel of surtax, motor vehicle, maintain a road lack. If you bought such car, fill these evidence are enough your do sth over and over again.

The car of the hire-purchase. Do not have in car section completely paid before, this car is in jural do not put in a car 's charge advocate all, buy such car cannot change the name of owner in a register.

Stop to produce long car -- after buying this kind of car, maintenance, buy a replacement special trouble, if be an entrance,car cost is gotten more high breathtaking.

Rent or the car of rental company. The car of this kind of company is excess load is used commonly, and the odds that produces an accident is highest.

Car advocate the car that has a problem. Like primary vehicle advocate economic dispute is in personally, asset of his under one's name is frozen by the court, car although formalities is all ready also cannot change the name of owner in a register, this kind of car often entices consumer to be duped with cheap price.

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