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The price is again cheap also do not want two handcart 6 kinds of models careful
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By the car that is grabbed secretly: By the car that is grabbed secretly, although the price is again cheap,also do not touch.

The vehicle with not whole procedure: If primary vehicle advocate the certificate such as the Id, bill that buy a car, motor vehicle card that register, travel card is not neat, before trading, certain preengage fills surely by who do these certificate, wait for certificate to fill neat hind pay again.

Stop production long is old paragraph car: Buy stop production long after old money car, maintenance is a troublesome issue, especially a few entrance cars of old money, sometimes an a replacement that full city cannot find it, before this problem buys a car, want to consider.

Taxi: This kind of car had gone energetically, number of travel course of development is 3389 kilometers above commonly, special discretion wants when buying this kind of car.

The car of instalment: Before paying off loan, this car is jural tell still do not belong to a car advocate, because this must not be sold the home,give flicker cough up.

Car advocate the car that has a problem: If car advocate economic dispute pesters a body, this kind of car is not touched had better, because once car advocate lose a lawsuit, asset of under one's name is frozen, car although formalities is all ready also cannot change the name of owner in a register, or halfway of change the name of owner in a register is frozen by the court.

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