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200 thousand yuan are bought secondhand beautiful luck of good Che Kai and elega
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The goosefoot gentleman that does project project in Nanning thinks in buying, advanced car uses a car as business affairs, after seeing a car to new car market, those who discover on a bit class is homebred in advanced new car is in 300 thousand yuan of above. The price of advanced car and car of a person of extraordinary powers in the entrance is more expensive. Go up because of the business now need capital have enough to meet need, but he is badly in need of buying again in advanced car. Accordingly, he plans the near future to buy secondhand in advanced car, ask the price is controlled in 200 thousand yuan. What can this price buy excuse me secondhand in advanced car?

Be aimed at the question that goosefoot gentleman refers, the reporter consulted a column adviser yellow director. Yellow manager takes a reporter to An Jilu's Guangxi two handcart market looks a car to introduce at the same time at the same time. Yellow manager is pointing to in be being put centrally advanced and secondhand the car of the car says all right, 200 thousand yuan or so can buy a lot of in advanced and secondhand car. You look, here assemble 180 thousand -- in 250 thousand yuan of major main trends high-grade car. 180 thousand -- the high-grade car of be worthy of the name of it may be said of 250 thousand yuan of interval " concentration camp " . The need of a few bosses because of have enough to meet need of the capital on the business, used half an year or 9 years in advanced car sells two handcart the market. Here is elegant each model, different configuration can buy cabinet, the Kaimeirui that new car market heats up greatly is here petty gain can be bought 20 thousand yuan, and still can buy the high-grade and luxurious car such as BMW, Ao Di, also can buy the model such as entrance Europe treasure. Because of two handcart price besides sufferring the element such as car condition, use fixed number of year to affect, still suffer the effect of supply demand relations. Nowadays, in having a few gradually, advanced car and luxurious car flow into two handcart market, but many people aux would rather the flower buys a car 2289 yuan anew and do not be willing to buy two handcart, cause unbalance of these model supply and demand. The car convert into money with car higher price is faster. Have a deficit for the person to selling a car big, but earned for the person to buying a car. 2005 the Ou Bao of the card on the left and right sides 1.8 models, make a price is controlled in 200 thousand yuan; What an use fixed number of year controls in 5 years is secondhand Ao Di A4, price is controlled for 190 thousand yuan only; Car of 8889 yuan a person of extraordinary powers is in price of a primary vehicle two handcart market can be bought 5589 yuan. A 04 Ao Di A6 marks a price 220 thousand yuan. Consumer is used even lower than new car 50 thousand -- 100 thousand yuan price, make easily oneself " drive by enjoy " a step.

Since this year, kaimeirui is become in secondhand limelight trades on the market driving in high-grade model. Because new car rolls out Kaimeirui to also have two years only, because this is in the triumphant beauty that the body shows on two handcart market,luck is " accurate new car " , maintain not only and the exterior is beautiful, and because passed to adjust mostly period, be in relatively the car of beautiful besides use condition. In addition, in Nanning secondhand on the market, elegant cabinet the 2 models that measure with 2.4 all relatively common, secondhand the buying and selling of elegant cabinet trades the quantity often holds Nanning the buy of first place of a list of names posted up of two handcart sales volume. From economy and pragmatic point of view, these two models are the first selection of many consumer.
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