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Have a meal to Nanhai " be equal to in tea of Guangzhou drink eat "
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Have a meal to Nanhai " be equal to in Guangzhou drink eat tea "

Nanhai is very close from Guangzhou, and have rich cate cate, many Guangzhou people like to drive to have a meal there, have " eat meal eats in Nanhai, be equal to in tea of Guangzhou drink eat. " say.

Nanhai place cate has a lot of, if the complete fish banquet of 9 rivers scoops up a fish of pace of unripe, salt " autumn eggplant banquet " , of Xi Qiao " 100 beautiful banquets " of He Guicheng small fry etc, be inferior to following we go sampling.

Complete fish banquet in recent years, the complete fish banquet of 9 rivers is in carry traditional special flavor while, dish type also produced a lot of change, the type of piscine banquet dish that can make now is amounted to 70 a variety of. Have the introduction that feed the home, the 9 piscine dinners that river scholar Lin Xilu has a public house are very pure.

According to saying, original complete fish banquet is with 4 everybody the fish is raw material, have fish of bullhead, catfish, dace, grass carp, as the development of local fishery, rolled out new piscine banquet version again 2000, use fish of 4 big high costs to make raw material, add aspirant mouth dressing, make more new food.

What come on stage above all is " a thick soup of cloud of eight treasures fish " . Willow of cloud having a fish, shrimp, egg white, Xue Er, fork is burned, hotbed chives, Xianggu mushroom for material, entrance Qing Dynasty is sweet without fishy smell. Another flavour " fish of brightness benefit kongfu " , have scamper, evaporate two kinds have a way, the process that make very say time: Go to weever first since bone after the flesh, deepfry of end of piscine head, fish, put on cruelly oppress flavor with Mei Cai, with Japanese bean curd mat bottom is steamed below. Taste, cruelly oppress is sweet slippery flavour having delicacy.

"Winter clothing is diligent brocade " the dish of cold and dressed with sause that is make it of the skin that use a fish. Raw fish skin adds purple perilla, earthnut, green melon, vinegar and chili, wake tastily stomach.

"Head of earthenware pot big fish " you may see more, but crust of cooked rice puts by boiler had not pass. Piscine head enough delicacy slips, and the rice crust that dip has piscine head flower, chew sapidder more.

"Crisp sweet white ball-flower " in it is fresh dozen it is good, good to bloat olfactory fish a round mass of food, dip in on egg white dips in again biscuit bead, in putting oil, come with slow fire fly into rage golden and into. The control of duration is the key of this dish.

Still have finally " sweet melon fries Yu Ding " , " fish sauce 3 treasure " , " green dumpling of fish of an affectionate couple " the dish after waiting for a few meals. These dish need to be torn open beforehand go fishbone, hold out those who study idea. Price is more substantial, one soup requires 9 course only each 25 yuan.
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