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Xue Baoshan drives You Feng to no oneself today summer
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Groove guard of nature of snow treasure mountain is in Chongqing city to open a county like holy heaven stand erect the foot of mountain austral northeast bus hill, top height above sea level amounts to 2626 meters, groove guard has primitive and beautiful large area inferior high mountain meadow, infrequent plant activation Shi Yabai and the wild flower that all over the mountains and plains blooms. Groove guard of nature of snow treasure mountain is like prefectural citizen especially hind garden, glow all the year round, get the favour of asinine friend and photography lover.
This summer, xue Baoshan drives You Fei oneself Chang Huo is cruel. It is reported, august 2 ~ 4 days, peak of snow treasure mountain reachs between 3 climate only the tourist of beauty spot of 10 lis of level ground amounts to 70 more than person-time. On August 1 (on Friday afternoon) , click prefectural netizen and outdoors ass friend in all 30 person multiplies 5 cars to drive treasure mountain of march to snow oneself at cent; On August 4, additional a county of two batches of nearly 40 person drive travel tourist Yu Lingchen oneself 3 when set out, midday time reachs 10 lis of level ground. Sorching summer, be far from high temperature fuggy as the urbanism like forest of reinforcing steel bar, throw the Xue Baoshan of charming and gentle of cool and pure and fresh, scene to cherish, it is to open not in use of prefectural person summer to swim the optimal choice that be away for the summer holidays.
Additional all, the county comes hot spring a section of a highway, because road surface rehabilitate is spreading asphalt, car can one-way, jam from time to tome circumstance happening. Tourist of snow treasure mountain recieves a center to also be in construction phase at present to 10 Shi Ping's road, wet road is muddy, go up hill alley also very hardships and dangers. Remind the hill on the tourist to need to notice safety pays attention to environmental protection at the same time, do not get optional litter.

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