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100 become cool melon is delicate and consistent summer cate
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Cool melon spends Bao of silver-colored cod of stay of proceedings

Material: Clean cool melon 250 grams, classy silver-colored cod 200 grams, beautiful stay of proceedings 100 grams, a few of the head of garlic, 2 soup are right amount.


1, had sent beautiful stay of proceedings ahead of schedule first, use cold water to soak commonly, require a many hour at least, change knife section, reserve.

2, will classy silver-colored cod is abluent, change glyph of the whole day, put essence of salt, chicken to wait after flavorring, dip in on unripe pink, oily boiler decoct reachs golden color below, scoop reserve.

3, cool melon is abluent, change glyph of the whole day, flying water, reserve.

4, have pot, put the head of garlic to explode sweet, put beautiful stay of proceedings again piece with cool melon piece, add 2 boiling water, the 7~8 on stew minute, to put when 7 maturity already the classy silver-colored cod with ripe decoct, again stew 2 minutes, flavor, hit a thin Gorgon euryale can.

Characteristic: Color is bright beautiful pure and fresh, bright of cool melon verdure is fragile, silver-colored cod Xian Tian is goluptious, the cate of preserve one's health of health of summer of can yet be regarded as.

Remind: The stew when the family is made makes a process appear extremely easily phenomenon sticking boiler, want to notice to silver-colored cod is put again after putting cool melon and beautiful stay of proceedings first, avoid silver-colored cod to put stew prematurely to must rot too.

Dace of green dip of chicken broth cool melon slips

Material: Clean cool melon 400 grams, clear chicken broth 400 grams, dace slips 100 grams, fry Yao column a few, yi face is right amount.


1, first will cool melon is abluent, one 2, go flesh, dig of the dig that use melon becomes silk, reserve.

2, boil clear chicken broth again, join essence of salt, chicken to wait flavor, put cool melon blueness and Yi face again, after waiting for cool melon blueness and Yi face to thoroughly cook, scoop namely, put dish in.

3, the dace that is squeezed into small is put to slip in chicken broth.

4, wait for dace to slip after thoroughlying cook, scoop, place Yu Liang over melon blueness and Yi face. 5, be in finally dish in join a few chicken broth namely success.

Characteristic: This dish type is relaxed and goluptious, the affiliation that dace slips makes whole course tastes mouth of too won't drab few, and chicken broth Qing Dynasty is sweet, suit a day to heat up seasonal edible, can enhance appetite.
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