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Moon cake of cartoon of division grandma DIY exceeds lovely
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The friend is taking the child to come Diy

In former years mid-autumn, housewife Yang Yang can receive the moon cake that the friend sends, "Sweet be bored with high cholesterol, family child had insalubrious " , accordingly these moon cake are to answer the section is being put, "Passed to be thrown mid-autumn, strange regrettablly " . Draw near mid-autumn this year, yang Yang him plan makes healthy, new moon cake.

Because do not have oven, yang Yang chooses to make moon cake glacial a skin. After the attempt that fails through two, make the moon cake glacial a skin that makes professional standard successfully the 3rd times eventually, "And outside the mouthfeel close that sell " . Yang Yang still bought the moon cake pattern of a lot of cartoon, lovely modelling attracted many friends to taking the child to come to her home Diy moon cake.

Subsequently, yang Yang makes him the process of moon cake, especially inviting moon cake picture sends forum, attracted nearly 100 housewife to chase after hold in both hands. "Too fierce " , housewife people after looking, plan to try oneself to make moon cake, ask Yang Yang where buys material and pattern in succession.

Abstain moon cake every cost comes two-spot

"Do not hard before " , the housewife of the success that do obeisance to division people exclamation, "Still think oneself do not make moon cake glacial a skin in the home " . Subsequently, housewife sticks the labor gain that gives his, the moon cake of each different is in modelling see hard really on market, like to let the child, housewife of class of a lot of mom chooses the mould of cartoon design to make moon cake.

In the memory of housewife Ms. Xu, in one's childhood mom makes stuffing of sweetened bean taste and the moon cake of 5 benevolence stuffing for family personally, lease next the oven of cake inn, "Than outside the moon cake material that sell is sufficient " . Oneself also can make moon cake to family with one's own hands now, "The feeling is very sweet " .

Enjoy Diy fun while, housewife people the still abstains moon cake comparing to buy moon cake with most consideration wants save money, "Calculate come down cost of every moon cake has 9 money only " , of course " paid time and the love to family are impayable " .

The group buys every to save a few yuan on average

Although the moon cake this year is packed simple, become more guileless, but the value is relative for disadvantageous still appropriate. The market price that 4 moon cake hold box of iron of some Guangzhou well-known trademark also wants 889 yuan, just a little is commonner price 100 yuan, the price of moon cake glacial a skin, chocolate moon cake is higher.
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