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Drive drive a vehicle of You Shan road to drive oneself 8 great skill
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Carry the line of vision, cannot neutral, the society blocks position control.
Feeling in what major person drives on hill road is to did not resemble be long on flat highway travel is so fatigue. At this moment the driver basically is to be in keep making systemic motion. Control the road surface of constant change up and down, the person that the roadside environment of mixed constant change can make drive commonly is in relatively exalted position. Be in especially already unfamiliar it is such more in the environment with beautiful scenery. The right now person that drive should control his state, center energy to drive car, the person that be the same as a car also should notice to remind its proper decelerate.
Go on hill road the line of sight that sails first issue is to want to keep as far as possible good, viewpoint wants far and should see circumstance of clear road surface and roadside environment as far as possible. The width that wants road surface of make the most of chooses travel route, date should cry when the line of sight is bad. Open car window to fall likely with hearing the sound outside the car to be faced with the precipice of stone should close car window. The attention examines the working case of appearance, especially water is gentle oil pressure. Uphill when the motive force that should allow engine to keep enough, had chosen to be blocked suitably ahead of schedule, had made at any time avoid the preparation that lets down train. Declivous when cannot neutral glides, use brake for long to want to consider to prevent stop a car beat or dish overheat, can use block position control speed, put low speed to block. Avoid to jockey on hill road as far as possible, should choose nice relative to flat, line of sight safe a sector of an area when necessary.
Additional, still a bit can offer the person that drive to be used when be eager to hurrying on with one's journey, enter curved slowdown namely, give a turn to quicken, can make sure car is safe and apace runs on winding hill road. Although have some of excessive consumption of fuel and oil such driving, but driving fun is very much, and speed can rise. The person that just take is afraid meeting not quite " reliable " , rock of around left and right sides is inevitable.

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