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Tomato acerbity bamboo shoot rolls piscine end to promote the secretion of saliv
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Southern long summer is burning hot and unusual, especially everyday sunshine is burning afternoon, ultraviolet index amounts to the intensity of 9 class, this is civilian place say " a spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn " , " poisonous tiger " . The weather with torrid intense heat of summer issues acerbity bamboo shoot of tomato of appropriate of beautiful now soup to roll piscine end. Tomato is known as the vitamin storehouse in vegetable, still contain acid of fruit of He Ping of its peculiar tomato element, citric acid to wait, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks it is can clear hot detoxify, cool hematic smooth liver, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop disappear of thirsty, be good at stomach is fed. The treatment that acerbity bamboo shoot is bamboo shoot is tasted, its characteristic is mouth of acerbity Gan Ke, appetizing promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid benefit midriff. Tomato acerbity bamboo shoot rolls piscine end, pleasant acerbity moderate, delicious and goluptious, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid appetizing, qing Dynasty heats up disappear heat.

Material: Tomato 2, acerbity bamboo shoot end of fish of 40 grams, grass carp 1, ginger 3.

Cook: Tomato is abluent, cut small; Acerbity bamboo shoot cleans out rice bath clean, section; End of grass carp fish goes scale is abluent, wipe dry, slow fire simmer in water comes small yellow, scoop. Huo having oil explodes sweet ginger, bamboo shoot leaving sick at heart, tomato fries moment a bit, add clear water 1250 milliliter (5 bowls of quantities) roll boil, end leaving a fish changes medium baking temperature to boil about half hours, transfer into right amount salt but. For 3~4 person quantity.


Guangdong saves self-improvement of a surname of apothecary of courtyard of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine

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