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Car consumption tax adjusts situation of city of difficult shake car since Septe
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Auto industry is the sources of energy is used up and contaminant is discharged " large family " , also be energy-saving the key place of the job that decrease a platoon. In recent years, our country car retains the quantity is climbed considerably litre. In the meantime, as oil external what depend on sb or sth for existence spends is ceaseless rise, energy safety problem also becomes very outstanding, the energy-saving job decreasing a platoon that strengthens automobile industry already no time to delay.

The reform of car consumption tax that nearly two months will come to be passed bubbling with noisely ends eventually, the reporter is informed from website of Ministry of finance, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state issues an announcement, the decision adjusts policy of car consumption tax since September 1, 2008: It is to raise big quantity to take the consumption tax tax rate that uses a car, capacity is multiplied in what 3.0L ~ 4.0L(contains 4.0L) with the car, tax rate by 15% on move to 25% , capacity is in of 4.0L above by with the car, tax rate by 20% on move to 40% ; 2 it is to reduce small quantity to take the consumption tax tax rate that uses a car, capacity contains 1.0L) to be multiplied below in 1.0L(with the car, tax rate by 3% reduce to 1% .

○ ●Situation of city of car of new policy difficult shake

Adjust tax rate of car consumption tax this, the purpose is to restrain the production of the old car that discharge an amount and consumption apparently, urge the production of the small car that discharge an amount and consumption, use up in order to reduce steam derv, reduce air pollution.

Nevertheless, according to the consumptive idea of Chinese consumer, the car is tool of a ride instead of walk not just, also be " of actual strength of the identity, position, economy indicative " . According to the statistic of association of Chinese auto industry, this year first half of the year, market of our country car sells a car in all 2.66 million, than last year the corresponding period drops somewhat, but still achieved the high speed growth of 16.72% . And platoon quantity is in the car sales volume under 1.0L appears to glide apparently, sell one hundred and twenty-nine thousand one hundred only, dropped compared to the same period 3.86% ; What form bright contrast to it is, the sales volume of SUV grew 42.01% compared to the same period first half of the year this year.

The personage inside course of study thinks generally, these numbers showed the sense buying a car with current customer adequately, and the main force that the car consumes now, basically be crowd of medium above income, they won't buy miniature car already, also buy the car of 3.0L above rarely, so the adjustment of this consumption tax, very difficult change has car market situation.

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