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Drive travel note oneself
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(L) chooses travelling companion

Far road drives, the person that had better pick to know car to maintain a technology basically travels together; Had better seek a person by rated seating; Female number with exceeding the male advisable.

(2) nip in the bud

Before short distance journey sets out, undertake be checkinged simply to car, whether to leak oily, be short of do not be short of water to wait; Any parts of car are checked in detail before far road trip sets out, especially engine. Drive go out travel, best the car of two above travels together, once gave an accident OK and mutual coordinate. Do not suggest the individual hires a car to travel. What just learned to drive especially is white this driver, do not take travel experienced car, not familiar to the car, condition of satisfy the need is not familiar, give an accident very easily. A few cars travel together, the distance between car and car does not want too far. Had better not take nocturnal route, travel is not to hurry on with one's journey. Danger of road taking night need not say oneself, the exhaustion of the road that drive night also can affect the mood of travel.

(3) controls speed

In the city, you need to hide car, hide pedestrian, plus block a car up, always feel indolence is fast. Go out travel, you can be scattered eventually, can want to know the more the highway of smooth-going, the thing that produces expect more likely to be less than lets a your department manage to come nevertheless. Not too self-confident you train that bit of trick-cycling that go out on the 2 annulus road that blocks a car up, serve as a driver the head that you must hold soberer than the companion, let go out the excitement of travel closes.

Do not wait for oil to run smooth cheer again, oil runs half, see good gas station is added at any time, do not be afraid of a trouble, although add,be less than good oil so, "And " move burn also burn second oil to damage to the car than light small.

If be short distance,go out, had better not carry gas; If run far road and be far from highway, best equipment 1-2 the iron that carries safety makes benzine bucket.

(4) encounters danger situation

Once the car is bad,be in on the way, if be by day and road condition is better, can consider trailer to go; If be trailer of nocturnal occasional inconvenience, can make place rescuing size of 114 inquiry automobile the request comes to help.

The technology of trailer includes: Trailer rope should keep flat; Around speed keeps consistent; When the car jockeys before or changing direction, need to step on brake lamp or revolve Xiang Deng twice ahead of schedule, the car after reminding, lest bump,be in.

Alleviate drive fatigue: Possible sentence looks for a companion to be being changed drive; When resting, keep melon seeds of crack with teeth in mouth.

Broadcast the music with intense rhythm.

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