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Drive oneself swim need carries what article
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Drive to be driven oneself swim besides noting problem of safety of drive a vehicle, of most care is what should prepare before setting out, take what article ability to accomplish precautions averts perils.

   Should detect automobile safety situation. Generally speaking, drive crural Buddhist templeput on the brakes, hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes can be checked before go on a journey effective, whether does car leak oily, be short of do not be short of water to wait, it is normal that the embryo that inspects 4 tires next is pressed, if near future exchange crosses tire, whether does bolt have reexamination become loose. Far road trip sets out any parts that had better check car in detail to station of car after service, especially engine, had better undertake maintaining, and the examination of the important part such as apply the brake, indicator light. In the meantime, give tire enough energy of life, cistern is replete water, storage battery fills report, carry engine oil, take antifreeze even in the winter.

   2 should take neat all sorts of certificate that concern with car. Car advocate piece want when travel according to waiting for other card of driver's license, travel, insurance policy of all kinds certificate is carried, once appear accident, go to the lavatory to come to help with insurance company or maintenance station connection, had better not look for a person to repair casually.

   3 should take sufficient go on a journey to eat, live, the charge that cheer. Like enough ready money (should calculate beforehand an approximate number) or the bank gets stuck.

   The 4 article that often should use on the belt. Like the mobile phone (reserve batteries) reach charger (an inverter, can insert to cigar lighter to charge) , flashlight (reserve bulb, batteries) or script for story telling of lash-up lamp, commonly used report (phone of close friends' phone, car insurance company) , a few traffic map, umbrella, cushion, plastic cloth, newspaper, magazines, myope has more a pair of glasses (in case accident falls bad) , notebook and pen, lighter (match) etc.

   5 should take necessary articles for daily use. If season and weather take the basis to change washed clothes, had better take sneaker or a pair of travel shoes more; Take 櫈 of on a few small fold again child with towel of necessary food, mineral water, toilet paper, paper, tea; The basis needs a situation but chopsticks of the bowl on belt of take into consideration the circumstances, case knife, fingernail is cut etc. But must take on a few commonly used drug, like patulin, antiphlogistic medicine, antidiarrheal (element of PPA) , the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, eyedrop, achieve but energy of oil of Baiyao of post, Yunnan, wind, cool and refreshing oil.

6 should take neat repairman to provide. The simple tool that is like vehicle maintenance and repair (fill quickly fetal agent, forceps, Ban child, vitreous water) , jack, dangerous warning indicates a shop sign (trigonometry jockeys caution board) , rope of spare, trailer (rope made of hemp) , jumper of benzine bucket, fine iron wire, accumulator, , reoccupy a plastic bucket is replete water. Still want the antifreeze on the belt, tyre chain in the winter, take a dishcloth again (can make as a result of difference in temperature of railroad car inside and outside side window hangs full hydrosphere when the weather is cold, deputy drive often should clean side window, in order to make sure the driver sees) of clear side-glance lens at any time.
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