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Hill road drives skill oneself
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Pass backer of a side of road of hill road hill, another side is cliff or river, road surface is narrow, curved talk is much, cave is much, view is narrow, the car will discover not easily beforehand on, bring menace to safety of drive a vehicle. Should choose the one side travel of backer of the occasional in road right now, when turning, should remember well " decelerate, cry date, rely on right travel " essentials, car and road come on the attention at any time besides. Encounter dangerous a section of a highway to should jockey examine sees well, in ensure safe premise falls slow fast through, should notice the article on railroad car and car does not hit with hill body at the same time.

Span through conduit car shallow channel should low speed goes slow, inclined enter to across, make one round cross from conduit, another coaxial round receive channel. Span deeper conduit, application 1 block through, if car has complete actuating device to should start its. Accelerator should be increased to make the wheel mounts channel to support quickly when entering channel ground.

Through canyon and Qiu He gully is eroded by running water commonly and become, should choose proper place to pass. Observation should jockey first before passing, next low speed is adjacent, when reaching a bank, should control a wheel with brake slow enter canyon, let front-wheel drive fall to the end of cereal at the same time, quicken normal travelling speed subsequently, accelerator is increased to climb uphill top when front-wheel drive contact is thither.

Encounter brow to answer through brow circumstance of ramp of seasonable and correct judgement, according to car climbing capacity changes middling speed to block ahead of schedule or low speed is blocked. Want to maintain car to have enough power, must not wait for car inertial after disappearing again shift gears, jockey in case or hind smooth. If be forced to jockey, should be in stop firm hind recrudesce pace, lest damage,parts causes an accident even. In case after shift gears did not cause car flameout if really, sneak away, not flurried, should use crural Buddhist templeput on the brakes and hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes to halt the car instantly (must not step on clutch) . If still do not park a car, answer to change steering wheel to backer a side, the end that use a car is touched on hill body, use natural barrier to make the car stops. Declivous when the function involving block that can use motor and speed of control of crural apply the brake, prohibit glide and avoiding to use urgent apply the brake as far as possible.

Love a car to assure better can all the way free goes, when resting in road every time, you had better surround the car checks circuit, remove the tire, apply the brake, small issue that changes direction to wait for a respect with goods. Long-distance drive and drive in the city very different, in outlying a sector of an area, the highway code consciousness of pedestrian and car is relatively dim, had better not reachcapture on the road so a section of a highway with person little little car all the way hurricane, want vigilant sudden case.
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