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Drive oneself swim common sense
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The pet phrase that before setting out, goes according to old driver midstream, drive should have done 6 things, namely " gasoline engine grease, brake horn lamp " .

Benzine, run far road should add full oil to gasoline tank before set out, if go the tourist attraction is more devious, the likelihood does not have gas station, car advocate can consider provide for oneself a few benzine, but must pack the safe container in crust of hermetically sealed, metal in. The examination method of oil path is to start car hind, see from gasoline tank the join pipe between carburettor has wet place, if have, must make a thorough investigation of to whether be leakage is oily.

Engine oil, measure with engine oil feet look carefully at, had better reach the upper limit of scale of engine oil feet, maintain at ordinary times in in upper limit is idealer. Engine oil should use same brand and same model as far as possible.

Water, there is scale on cistern, water quantity should maintain in upper limit. Some cars replace water with antifreeze all the year round now, this is the tweak that protects a car. But the freezing point that should notice to make clear before set out Hunan place uses antifreeze, when need is compensatory, must choose same brand and model, if antifreeze is used,mixed, want to change inside the shortest time. Additional, car ten million of Germany cannot add Japanese antifreeze, vice versa.

Brake, the simple way that examines stop a car is to open a machine to build, the fluctuation that views brake grease cup to go up two scale, fat face arrives when floor level, brake piece changed with respect to this. Piece it is normal that the horn should be checked before travel, if also want out of order,change in time.

Light, use Yu Zhaoliang not only, also be the main tool that speaks with other vehicle. Lamplight wants all ready and effective. The car of travel of road of the high speed on now wants the fog lamp after having, normally hind fog lamp should be installed in car end left.

Additional, if tire tread has the beard that plunge into an injury to undertake repairing, cannot take travel. It is good before before leaving to be done meticulously all sorts of preparation, spare wheel atmospheric pressure wants enough, the bad embryo that changes should have filled as soon as possible, assure to there is in good condition spare wheel on the car.

When drive a vehicle

Accompany person of the same trade drives oneself travel is first-class accompany of two cars above travels together, so that be on the road mutual coordinate. When long-distance drive a vehicle, those who a meeting builds a car is like on the car, with respect to more god-given associate. Additional, joining car club to go out also is better choice all right, car of aid of the can be saved in journey is followed row, removed to drive the person's trouble back at home.

The person that drives to drive oneself wants healthy, energetic, do not want in spite of illness to hold to go on a journey, took especially composed or after fighting allergic medicaments, do not drive. Do not exhaustion drives, should be in when journey is distant travel jockeys after certain course rest, or change driver. Drive to alleviate exhaustion and prevent to make tired, can broadcast the music with some of strong rhythm, or say to talk with the companion, but drive energy wants to center. To prevent drowse, still can put a lemon in the mouth.
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