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Drive oneself swim how amused be economical?
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Be aimed at income not tall, still perhaps swim in the self-help of school student lover, come for years self-help swims, experience of summary be economical is as follows:
1, off-season a travel, it is the foundation of be economical.

2, course design is reasonable, go less duplicate a sequence, below the province is big money.

3, 2-4 person combination is most of be economical.

4, not by plane, by train. Can save more money than taking a car by train sometimes.

Buy a train ticket, if have car of blame air conditioning, can buy the ticket that is not air conditioning car, can save the 1 money of half so, but of course car condition will be a few poorer. Before buying airline ticket many dozens a few phones, it is in the phone bargain.

5, take a bus more inside the city.

6, room sees a room first, again argy-bargy.

7, if be the person that go alone, below the circumstance that does not have odd world, do not want to be the same as with stranger, also need not include next whole rooms. Can ask hotel is arranged in other room full the room that you arrange again after the person.

8, live the hotel that does not have hot water shower, the bathroom to the outside washs shower can be economical.

9, the person that go alone has a meal eat think save money, and northward dish heft is compared commonly much. You can raise your price, let cafeteria give weight according to your price. Can leave save money in not wasteful circumstance so. Of course, actual unit price will be a few higher.

10, when eating local special local product to be like seafood, can he reachs seafood terminal market or the free market of agricultural products is bought, take cafeteria treatment next. Dan Yingxian knows the common treatment value of cafeteria. What if eat cheap seafood,did not do so is necessary.

11, when having a meal, otherwise of napkin asking Qing Dynasty wants money, want to collect fees, need not want napkin, take with oneself.

12, the car goes up outside long-distance station, be being met sometimes is cheaper than the car going up inside the station. But not certain also. The car on midway is additionally OK bargain.

13, much bargain, no matter feed, live, all right, buy control price. Look sometimes cannot the place of bargain still is OK actually of counter-bid.

14, do not be in have viatic group shop below present condition.

15, do not guide in intermediary go down inn, because he should receive sales commission,meet more expensive.

16, although feel prices is cheap, also do not say when consumption " this thing is really cheap " , otherwise you are in when consuming other thing, can get more expensive price.

17, the tourist that comes from rich area, when undertaking consumptive, do not say oneself origin area. Because travel pedlar often is met,according to you the rich degree of the area that come from comes make a price.

18, when renting a car, want to if you want midway to carry other passenger,had been told with the driver first, it is a few cheaper that the price is about.
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