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The lady drives safe note
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1: Long hair, filar towel, sunglasses and small adorn taste the   ceaseless development as automobile industry, more and more female friends also became gens having a car, the female drives is longer filar towel, wrapping around amice and long hair drive is not very well-advised practice, when once the female drives, circle filar towel in carelessly block a circumstance that go up to appear, and long hair is easy keep out line of sight, bring hidden trouble to drive a vehicle. Sunglasses also shoulds not be long, because adorn sunglasses is met for long,defer eye sends visual signal toward the time of cerebrum, defer of this kind of vision can cause speed to feel lack fidelity again, make the person makes wrong judgement. No matter be a car before or the window after the car hangs small decorations to be able to affect the line of vision more or less, and if some are fixed bad, shake come to those who go shake more adverse, if drop carelessly, appeared again in the process that tries to collect safe hidden trouble. Those have the hard decorations with angular arris more should stay at a respectful distance from sb, below emergency, they can become not small menace absolutely. 2: The metropolis inside the car that the sanitation inside the car and   of safety of drive a vehicle believe most woman special efficient, but here still should be carried to you wake, the environment inside orderly car lets a person feel pleasurable not only, more important is this matters to safety of drive a vehicle. Once a female discovers clutch pedal pad steps on no less than going to suddenly when drive, frighten an a suit cold sweat, just know before is the carefe that was not kept clear of in time by gets stuck later. And careless caboodle also does not want to put goods in boot, if need is secured with guard certainly,rise. Because normally the boot space of the car is " prevent bump;burst;ulcerate;fester shrink area " , that is to say in case happen bump, this space is to be used absorb it is dangerous to bump force rearly to alleviate of the gender. But, if here piles completely, once produce an accident, these are sundry can become below the concussion in force " heavy pound bomb " , attack the afterbrain of the person that drive continuously. 3 " touch porcelain " with call immediately call the police a lot of females that drive alone are in   occurrence traffic postaccident is not willing to call immediately call the police, make family or friend chronically however, a lot of criminals use this one characteristic to be made intentionally " touch porcelain " incident. Spend not large area thick and fast in population, should take care more this kind of circumstance produces beware of, because the thing is far perhaps,do not have " touch porcelain " so simple. 4: "Do not talk with stranger "   is in gas station, eliminate should notice flameout is cheered, outside hitting a mobile phone to wait for a problem, the female still answers to special attention must have locked up the car and carry valuable, those take the advantage of the machine that cheer to carry out robbing the property, thing that grabs a car is not to had not happened. Once had so a case, after a lady adds oil, a new man borrows machine must take her car and had entered a car inside, this lady feels bad, but maintain one's composure, just ask the man gets off it is normal to see a car for her, take the chance next one foot accelerator left gas station, after the event she discovered an ax on backlash unexpectedly! 5: In process of drive a vehicle of pet safety   , pet also is a big question. And do not say pet drops wool to be able to make the sanitation inside your car sells at a discount greatly, if as a result of,be come up against " had not seen world " and be scared too lively perhaps pet is in your car on jump below leap up can good fun looks, because a lot of elements can make pet arise " excited mood " , for instance illumination, for instance the Bacchic sound on the ave... although your pet conscientiously ground stays in backlash in process of drive a vehicle,go up to still also put in the problem: Because if once scram pet is met,resemble an artillery shell,bump to ahead euqally, this is quite dangerous, the common method that solves this problem now is to give pet equipment a safe cushion or the thing of canine box and so on. 6: Map, GPS and direction-sense   female are driving the advantage that the respect has oneself, for instance attentive, for instance not easy and impatient. But what should see is, the direction-sense that has one part woman is weaker, must carry map, compass or GPS navigation along with the car at this moment so implement wait for a tool, not only should know where oneself go to, know how to go even, such ability runs less already injustice road saves oil to save time again, get twice the result with half the effort. 7: Drive figure of some women of the position and cushion   is petite, sit in drive to be able to feel locally " do not wear quite up and down " , answer to adjust good seat and steering wheel in the light of individual circumstance right now, somebody likes to put a cushion to achieve the goal that raises height on seat, this is in drive school when learning a car, be very common, little imagine, such doing have certain and dangerous sex, especially the cushion with those small coefficient of friction, slide very easily below the circumstance such as slam the brakes on, make driver body leaves seat subsequently thereby, if do not have the protection of safety belt again right now, powerful inertial meeting makes the person rushs ahead, create risk. 8: Safety belt and " the life hangs a gleam of "   although all day long is saying great master, general also did not know to emphasize how many times in law conduct propaganda, but still often be the effect that somebody ignores safety belt, to the female, do not fasten safety belt to appear reason is more sufficient: The new clothes cockle that just changes much malformation. Here even " be tireless in teaching " , when produce collision when the car of high speed travel or encountering accident circumstance to carry out urgent apply the brake, will produce massive force, this force may manage airframe is weighed more than 20 times (inspect driving speed to reach those who bump degree is different and differ somewhat) , force makes the object such as back of a chair of the steering wheel inside driver and passenger and car, windshield, seat, door produces collision, cause the serious harm that takes staff to driving extremely easily, will drive the person that multiply to cast even outside leave a place or casting dispatch a vehicle, say those who go up to safety belt is a car so " lifeline " had not been. Nevertheless, to 6 years old of the following children, safety belt reachs protective action since not regular however meeting, the thing always has sex of its two sides, you had better give the child provision with lesser age seat of safety of appropriative of a children. 9: Drive with make up the woman that   morning often can see some drive is taken the advantage of during waiting for red light, make up, perhaps look in the mirror incidentally when blocking a car up, such " economic time " do not say to go up really be to one's profit. When driving, the female wants courage a few bigger, want to be put so that leave, want to have good psychological quality, but, traffic regulation is returned so that abide by, attentive place still is not gotten cursorily. 10: Sponge cake shoe and high-heeled shoes, glove   high-heeled shoes, cool procrastinate, the problem such as sponge cake shoe should belong to platitude, inside the car preparation adds up to flat bottom shoe of the foot one pair, safe comfortable. The glove that when driving, takes must have chosen, skid and do not make because of what its material pledges steering wheel is in condition of out of control easily. Additional, the high-heeled shoes that when driving, is replaced to come down also had better look for an appropriate place to find a place for, if be put in the word that does not try to secure below seat anyhow, extremely possible as the motion of the car " run " the hazardous condition of respecting of the place in 2 are being caused below the footplate such as clutch.

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