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Drive oneself after swimming, do not forget for " fatigue " love car makes an in
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"11 " in long holiday, many having choice of car a group of things with common features drives go on a journey oneself, the expert reminds, Drive oneself swimDo not forget after for "Fatigue" love car is doneExamination.

CarRepair expert proposal, no matter car condition how, should be after driving go on a journeyCarsystem of chassis, brake, direction, tire undertake emphasizingExamination.

KunmingClick examine Kunming and more city weather forecastBurgeoningCarRepair plant manager Pan Yong to introduce, whether does chassis needExaminationCan rely on a car advocate contrast is experienced will decide, the abnormal knocking that if appear,did not have in the past, shake wait for a circumstance, needExamination. He says, bumpy road surface may bring about a few spare partses of chassis to be out of shape, especially fluctuation move about arm incidental be out of shape, slight touch blow may pose the slight seepage such as case of engine oil base, these are cars advocate detect by oneself cannot discover in time.

The 2nd, if be driven oneself,road condition is had been to when go on a journey uphill and steeper, declivous more place, should do to brake comprehensiveExamination, because be in this kind to the brake below road condition wears away the most easily and be used up; If have long declivous circumstance, shouldExaminationBrake piece reachs brake skin, because walk for long,brake can cause high temperature to make brake piece and brake skin surface oxidize.

The 3rd, if feel after go on a journey steering wheel becomes cumbersome and answer automatically bad, criterionCar
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