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How to make you long-distance the journey is relaxed and happy!
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JourneyPerson the paineddest is Sunday run passes through the high speed of time zone flies, because it makes very easilyJourneyPerson physiology rhythm is caused destroy. Here, you might as well according to you give below us enumerated the method goes doing, what they can help you overcome Sunday run flight to cause is uncomfortable.

The dress when setting out wants formfitting, Relaxed. You can wear comfortable dress and comfortable shoe, once entered a plane, you are OK unlock dress, take off shoe, twist your toe, loosen systemic muscle as far as possible.

   JourneyBefore, JourneyCounteractJourneyThe food that eats after wants to be digested easily, belong to like the carbohydrate such as the tall fiber food such as fruit, vegetable and biscuit, rice, dough more digestible food, they can help you loosen muscle, the digestion that promotes you works completely thoroughly.

In what set out before today and on machine when, you should avoid to drink or contain the beverage of coffeine. In the flight, you can drink some of water and fruit juice. Mix before leave in flying, you should drink water to increase water share to the skin more, in making the skin flies in Sunday run, avoid at dry.

Before leave, you should wear glasses and do not want glasses of the form that wear concealed.

In the flight you can be done appropriately some simpleMotion, should continue to do inside the 1-2 day after reaching destination someMotion.

Do not want a cash, gem, passport, key, JourneyFile of certificate, business affairs, medicines and chemical reagents and the article consign of all sorts of brittle, changeful qualitative irreclaimable perhaps original state are consigned. You can carry these article or put you to be able to take used small suitcase at any time on machine inside.

Must not when before taking off a few minutes of abilities are dealt with finally board the plane formalities, you may catch a flight, but your baggage cannot catch up with same regular air service.

Should make sure you already consigned baggage every to had undertaken understanding notting have to oneself by accident check.

Should believe firmly airport working personnel already consigned the strung on baggage every in yours label of a piece of destination.

When if baggage carries,arriving already open perhaps is destroyed apparently, you should be examined instantly whether to have article losing.

Before leaving the airport, you answer to report any baggage problems about branch or personnel to the airport.

UndermentionedMotionCan help you reduce the fatigue disease that crosses flight of time zone high speed to cause on machine. These
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