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Drive oneself swim troop the skill that gives a need control
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Drive oneself swimTroop give what travel need masters to driveSkill

Drive oneself the one great pleasure that making a sightseeing tour is spring, but drive a travel oneself, need notices a few driveSkill, for instance motorcade goes out row, follow a few tricks of the trade that the team drives with respect to need control.

General highway

Team travel speed follows on general highway, above all, not too fast, lest somebody trick-cycling not beautiful does not follow to go up; Next, maintain safe car to be apart from, lest produce interlink to chase after end accident; Again, around car notices each other, lest follow to lose or follow one vehicle gives another the right of way; Its 4, maintain often contact, although somebody drops out to also can try to be searched as soon as possible temporarily,arrive so; Its 5, time rest, new get the ranks into orderly alignment, be helpful for the safety of whole group so.

Rank gives inter of the regular meeting when travel to insert just a little car, perhaps be barred by traffic light a few maniple. At this moment dress the ranks of not ambitious travel, can allow the car in front a little rein in speed, await everybody slowly and naturally builds up afresh.

The freeway troops

Troop on the freeway and go, want special attention to control speed and maintain a car to be apart from. No matter too fast have adverse effect too slow perhaps to the safety of motorcade oneself, carry relatively stable rate, did not appear because of around especially the car of other and oneself became random condition.

Answer to maintain straight travel as far as possible, decrease change, motorcade should be in as far as possible advocate the travel on travel driveway, note the mark line on roadside and road surface at any time, cannot ride, press driveway boundary travel, also cannot take up overtake for long. Do not want frequent overtake, lest oneself throw into confusion oneself team. Also do not want speed to strike steering wheel, want to consider the fellow that follows in back as far as possible.


Spring weather is changeful, go up very likely in the affair choppy soup, and beauty spot is more between landscape, accordingly, encounter the situation such as the thunderstorm of morning big fog, arise suddenly, motorcade all answer decelerate travel.

Mist day visibility is for instance inferior, motorcade besides low speed, still had better sail from the freeway. After waiting for mist to drop off, travel of the freeway on ability. Mist day travel still needs to notice, avoid by all means is quickened suddenly, apply the brake or strike steering wheel. Bit of check is used as far as possible when apply the brake, do not want one foot to walk dead.
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