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Exposure travel agent 5 big camouflage
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1: An ancient nationality in China of frequency an ancient earthen utensil for steaming riseCamouflage A fewJourneyThe company alleges in advertisement the hotel of accommodation and otherJourneyThe astral level of the company is same, but price is cheaper however, make many consumer believe. Actually otherwise, what the hotel of identical star class nods because of its ground is different, price often six to one. Not be inside scene area or not be in the urban district, price is compared normally low, bring a lot of inconvenience to the passenger however. The traffic that visiting tourist attraction makes a round trip wasted many valuable time, return those who increased tourist physical strength to go up to use up at the same time. AirlinerCamouflage Generally speaking, the airliner price with bad timeline is relatively a bit lower, JourneyThe company is charter flight mostly, price is more cheap. SomeJourneyThe company often takes off the airliner for be economical timeline in the late evening, some is midnight even. But theseJourneyThe advertisement of the company says type only however on sheet, and do not mention flying time, the tourist takes these scheduled flights, after reaching destination, often need to rest the following day, wasted time of a day of travel, the loss outweights the gain.

2: Camouflage Be in certainJourneyOn the advertisement sheet that the company makes, often can make clear packet of how many eat, the surface looks very favourable, but substantial the level of every eat is different, some is worth only 6, 7 yuan of money. Tourists did not eat good meal, get skinful only grouchy, but also have no alternative. The journeyCamouflage The journey can have diversity, the accommodation, time that keep is different, also can produce very big difference on the price. Go to Beijing for example, but by Guangzhou non-stop flight to, quick and convenient; If be to fly to Tianjin first, go to Beijing by train again; Perhaps take a car to Fosan first, go to Beijing by plane again, take a way so low-cost, but journey flounder, wasted the time with many tourist.

3: Mei WeiCamouflage The trailer coach that the tourist takes, some are normal have insurance, but because its need to apply for a qualification, the price wants relatively a bit more expensive. If trailer coach does not have these qualifications, did not buy insurance, the price is relatively cheap, but once have an accident, the tourist does not have safeguard. Additional, the driver of normal trailer coach is familiar with landform, can cooperate tourist better, and not normal driver, likely go wrong, waste time for nothing. For example at the beginning of this year, a company of Guangzhou organizes sea of employee You Zhu,
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