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Drive collect of note of go on a journey oneself
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Drive oneselfYou Le interest is boundless, but the Xiaoma that the friend that goes out for the first time perhaps can encounter a lot of expect to be less than is irritated. The author was interviewed for this a few have richDrive oneselfOf experience " the ass is friendly " .

Pair of cars want before ◎ goes " systemic check-up "

Example: Last year National Day, a friend drives go out, but went up high speed walked along more than 100 kilometers, with respect to abrupt discovery tire was not enraged, oneself won't change tire again, result can ask for help, pull next high speed with trailer. When the car fosters cordial relations between states, the interest of amuse oneself also gave up half.

▲ reminds: Piece before travel, should choose normal car to undertake detecting in the round to car all right, ensure car condition is good ability start off.

◎ is not in " grouse " oily station is cheered

Example: Drive oneselfPersonal experience of the personage. Last yearDrive oneselfThe car goes in road of in relief new moon, after on hill of Guangxi large bay tree one oily station is cheered, the car leaves go out to appear before long idle fast flabby, put into gear the phenomenon such as easy dead internal heat, reach destination in safety fortunately, added one box good oil to just eliminate hidden danger.

▲ reminds: The oily station with excellent quality should choose to add full oil before setting out, must not choose oily station at will on the way, should choose dimensions as far as possible bigger, the oil with the more car that cheer stands.

◎ gives the area before travel neat " 4 big a magic weapon "

Example: A netizen tells the author, oneself go out to want to take neat of all kinds tool all right every time, do not disrelish a trouble. bad car, fortunately stock trailer rope, the field that build a car was discovered below the companion's help, solved a problem.

▲ reminds: Go out outer, car hard to avoid has in case, "4 big a magic weapon " carry along with the car, precautions averts perils. These a magic weapon are: Jumper of trailer rope, accumulator, triangle jockeys caution board, spare.

◎ should reserve a hotel beforehand

Example: Drive oneselfSwim Chengdu drives during lover golden week, the late night already was when arriving, life ground is not familiar, asked a few hotel explode full, was forced to spend one night on board finally.

▲ reminds: Should book bed of fine public house beforehand, can order through travel agent, can look for local friend to order, the travel that also can go up through the net serves a website to order. But should take a heart more, beware of " grouse " website, handed in subscription, to moment however by the person " put dove " .
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